We help companies to train farmers in latest technologies on how to cultivate agricultural crops. Companies such as FUNMAN and MATNA foods have greatly benefitted from our extensive training programs for their staff. Our training methods employ participatory training techniques to achieve training objectives which includes interaction and empowerment. Farmers’ participation are enhanced to develop hands-on experience of farmers groups and utilized to the utmost advantage of the project while maximizing the disadvantages.

Our research is aimed at boosting the productivity of farmers as well as create an enabling environment for the cultivation of farm produce. This we do by using demonstration plots to make our findings more credible. The results are then made available to farmers. The essence of the research is to consistently seek the most effective methods/varieties that will invariably impact on the output of farmers as well as their markets. We deploy our findings at our training and other extension services. For instance, USAID sponsored research project executed by Psaltry shows that the cassava varieties TME-419, TME 98/0505, TME-35072 and M96/1621 are better than the native varieties because of its high starch content.

Psaltry is into full Agricultural Consultancy and offers general consulting services to prospective farmers and established producer groups which include but not limited to:

  1. Total Project Management.
  2. Preparation of feasibility report on farm projects
  3. Partial /full farm management of commercial farms.