Outgrowers’ Programme 

Psaltry has a robust Outgrowers’ programme. The outgrowers are located around 80km radius from the factory in 4 different local governments, 8 clusters and 40 farmers’ organization covering more than 20 villages. Psaltry currently has more than 3000 committed farmers cultivating about 5000 hectares and several others who attend PIL trainings but not on her database. There is a plan of increasing the farmers database to 4500 committed farmers by 2019. The farmers currently have an average of 18-20 tonnes per hectare with the plan of increasing it to average of 25-30 tonnes with the use of fertilizer and best agronomic practices.

In 2016, Psaltry adopt the use of an application develop by Syngenta foundation called Farmforce as her Supply Chain Management Tool which helps in managing large number of outgrowers while also monitoring the activities of the extension

The application plays the following roles;

  • increases traceability from field to market and enable access to formal markets
  • Coordinate activities of field staff and farmers
  • Track harvest and growing activities in real time
  • Manage cash and input loans
  • Access Digital records

The company is also at the point of establishing a Semi Autotrophic Hydroponic Laboratory where free potent high quality and disease free cassava stem will be produced using the tissue culture technology.

Psaltry offer the following services to her outgrowers’ Farmers:

Tractorization: PIL give support to the farmers in terms of land preparations by offering them tractors for both 1st and 2nd plough. PIL currently have 13 tractors, 10 ploughs, 3 harrows, 3 ridgers one boom sprayer with planter and harvester in view for next planting season. PIL have a team led by Mechanization/Agric Engineer; tractor technicians and operators dedicated for this purpose

Provision of Inputs: Inputs such as chemicals (both systemic and contact herbicide), fertilizer, and stem cuttings are provided for the farmers in the outgrowers’ scheme.

Linking them to bank for finance: PIL link farmers to bank in order to access loan to maintain their farm, prominent among them is the linking of 252 farmers to the Central Bank of Nigeria anchor borrowers Scheme in 2016. This service is only provided to trusted and committed farmers.

Extension Services: PIL have a robust extension team of 10 staff who work round the clock to supervise the farms of her farmers, provide consultancy services and trainings as needs arise and also monitor their farms

Trust:: An unbroken trust exists between PIL and her outgrowers’ farmers. This has been developed over the years and it has attracted many farmers to join in the largesse of the scheme. Farmers are carried along before major decisions are carried out and most of the policies of PIL are bottom-top approach i.e it emanates from them.