High Quality Food Grade Cassava Starch (HQCS)

Starch is one of the most abundant substances in nature, a renewable and almost unlimited resource. Starch is produced from root crop. It is mainly used as food, but is also readily converted chemically, physically, and biologically into many useful products to date, starch is used to produce such diverse products as food, paper, textiles, adhesives, beverages, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, and building materials like tiles.

Cassava starch has many remarkable characteristics, including high paste viscosity, high paste clarity, and high freeze-thaw stability, which are advantageous to many industries (IITA, 2005).

High Quality Food Grade Cassava Starch is simple unfermented starch. Thus, while simple in principle, the manufacture of a good cassava starch requires great care. The production of Cassava Starch requires a conscious adherence to good manufacturing practice (GMP) in order to produce a safe and suitable starch in conformity with ISO 22000.

High Quality Food Grade Cassava Starch can also be used as an alternative for starch and other imported materials like wheat starch in a number of industrial undertakings.

Psaltry Farm

PIL have a backup farm peradventure there is scarcity of supply. The company have about 2000hectares and about 25% of it in use. PIL have farm hands that work on contract for a year on the farm in 2 different major villages. PIL could have up to 30tons per hectare as yield.  The farm also brings in their product just like the other two categories. PIL have supervisors for different operations on the farm: Spraying, Weeding, Planting and Harvesting and a seasoned Farm Manager.

Every pilot is first carried out on PIL farm before it is replicated on extension farms