Product Quality:  Manufacture  of  product  to  meet  the  Quality  Specifications: Peak  Starch  Content of cassava within  10-12  Months  are  accepted  at  Factory  Gate  processing  within  24  hours is ensured to maintain  the  freshness  with the  state  of  the  art  equipment  for  the  processes  involved  which include; Cleaning,  Crushing,  Extraction,  Drying and  Packaging stages  to produce our  natural and native starch. No chemicals are added to enhance whiteness and no preservatives, for food grade, hygienically clean, no specks, practically free from foreign and extraneous matter, free of flavours  and  odours,  safe  and  suitable for  human  consumption.  We  ensure  that  there  is Quality in every Starch granule produced by our motivated workforce.

Freshness of Cassava: The raw material are sourced within 50km radius. The raw material are transported to the factory and processed within 24hours, this accounts for the quality of our starch

Starch Content: New varieties with high starch content are constantly being introduced and adopted by our farmers. The farmers that had between 19-22% of starch content at inception now have an average of between 28-30% due to the introduction of new varieties and the training on good agricultural practices.

Product Tracking and Packaging: Our High Quality Cassava Starch is packaged in Food grade material (sack) which will safeguard the hygienic, physical, nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the product when stored in cool dry place in warehouse or in transit.

We have a traceable Database that tracks the movement of Raw Materials from the different Farmers, varieties and harvest dates, geographical locations, through our factory gate, to the Production floor and Packaging to the End-user. We monitor these closely in order to maintain and enhance our high standards.

The net weight of each bag is 50KG with Batch number, Manufacture Date and Expiry Date boldly printed. All these make traceability easy for our customers.

Yield: Farmers had between 10-12 ton/hectares before the inception of PIL out-grower programme but now it is between 15-18 tons per hectare. PIL sells at a price that competes with the International price because of this synergy.

Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) Certification: For  our  good  manufacturing  practice,  health  and  safety  compliance,  we  have  recently  been awarded (SON Mandatory Conformity Assessment Certification Programme (MANCAP: NIS 386:2004,  Certificate  No.  001773)  according  to  the  requirements  of  the  Nigerian  Industrial Standard.

Critical Quality Attributes (CQA’s): We   ensure   that   Physical,   Chemical,   Biological,   or   Microbiological   property   or characteristic that  should  be within  an appropriate limit,  range,  or  distribution  to produce the desired  product  quality  during  production  batches  have  the  same  or  surpass  the  Approved Industrial Standards and manufacturing process (Equipment, Process and Controls)