Psaltry International Limited (PIL) is an indigenous agro allied company established in 2005 to market cassava produce but later expanded its business line to include farm development and production of food grade starch, very high quality flour, glucose and sorbitol from cassava. PIL was established to elevate the business of farming in rural areas by creating a production value chain for farm produce using inclusive business model method. The company held its first out-grower programme in 2012.
Within the last 8 years, PIL has grown from Line 1 to Line 2 to Line 3 and Line 4 and is the first Cassava based sorbitol factory in Africa. Our production capacity has increased from 7,000 tons per annum in 2014 to 35,000 tons per annum in 2020 for High Quality Cassava Starch, Flour, Glucose and Sorbitol. A supply of about 175,000 Tons of fresh cassava tuber per annum which will translate to the cultivation of 8,750 hectares of land.
In a bid to expand the scope of our raw material base to sustainably meet our production requirement, PIL has acquired a large expanse of land and thereby making it available for Nigerians who may not have the technical know-how to farm but are desirous of having an agribusiness investment. Our Raw Material Sourcing Strategy is:
Psaltry Backup Farm
Small Holder Farmers
Corporate Farmers: : — We Farm, You Earn Strategy
Under this strategy general public or corporate investors can invest in our farming program and earn return on their investment. Under this program Psaltry Farm the corporate farming arm of Psaltry international is partnering with Agridrive and Traxi Ltd and IITA BIP to farm cassava to be supplied to Psaltry processing while investors get an ROI of profit margin per annum. While Psaltry uptake the cassava for its own operation in a WIN-WIN approach.
We Farm, You Earn…
Key Benefits:

  • The farm is to be managed by Psaltry and other International Agencies as partners.
  • There is a secure market/off-taker for the farm produce (Cassava).
  • The agricultural investment is insured by Leadway Assurance.
  • Cost of investment per Hectare N250,000
  • Minimum number of slots is 1 Hectare.
  • Farm Mechanization will be managed by Psaltry Mechanization Unit in partnership with International Agencies working with farmers to unlock agribusiness opportunities in Africa.
  • Total number of slot available under this scheme is 1000 Hectares
  • Tenor: 12 months
  • January, 2021—Moratorium
  • January, 2022 (12 months ROI)
  • (One Slot = 1 Hectare, Minimum Slot available = One, One Slot Investment = N250,000)
  • Mode of Application:
    For further enquiries, please contact:
    Kindly Request and complete the Expression of Interest Form from:

The Coordinator,
Psaltry Cassava Agribusiness Project
Dr. (Mrs.) Foluke Adeleke

Mr. Festus Oguntoye
E-mail: Phone: +2348028911442