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Superior Customer Service

We promote our superior customer service, including response time to inquiries.


Lower Prices

We offer lower prices and our products are top notch.


Unique Business Model

We have an inclusive model where small holder farmers are at the center stage

Business Branding

Our business branding is focused on showing potential customers how we stand out from our competitors

High Quality Food Grade Cassava Starch
High Quality Food Grade Cassava Flour

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Sorbitol Factory Launch

Commissioning of Sorbitol factory at Ado Awaye Iseyin Local Government Oyo State on the 4th of August 2022 by His Exellency Engr. Seyi Makinde the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Nigeria. The Sorbitol project



The Psaltry Story

Psaltry is an agro-processing company that refines cassava into high-quality food-grade starch for consumer products.

The company's Sorbitol launch is the tip of an iceberg as we are committed to our mission of excelling cassava value-chain in Africa through

Our CorporateSocial Responsibilities
Life Transformation
With our empowerment program for the farm families and inclusive business model, we have remarkably transformed the lives of the people of Alayide village and morphed the remote village into a town. The living standard of the people has shifted from less than $1 to $5-$10 per day.
Steady Electricity Supply
The host community had electricity in their homes for the first time in 2014 when we extended Psaltry’s electricity to Alayide village. They still enjoy a steady electricity supply to date.
Access to safe drinking water
The people of Alayide village and environs have access to safe drinking water, thanks to our community borehole project.
Access to quality education
The quality of education in the host community has upgraded since our arrival. We understand that quality education will enable higher socioeconomic mobility, and it is vital to escape poverty. Part of our impact on education is the donation of 10 units of desktop computers to Progressive Grammar School, Ado-Awaye.
Access to free modern health care
The host communities have access to quality health care through our free medical care to restore and maintain health. Health is wealth. Through our free modern health care, about 400 farmers have seen their health restored.
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